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About Midwest Water Group

Midwest Water Group, Inc. is a professional manufacturer's representative firmed deeply planted in the belief of providing turn key, out of the box solutions to our clients in the water and wastewater industry. We constantly evolve with new technologies to bring the most up-to-date and relevant solutions to common issues such as water quality, water conservation, asset management and revenue generation. We offer a competent and experienced service company to install, start up, repair and service all of our products and solutions and offer their expertise for project planning and development.

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Core Business Focus

  • Water quality monitoring and management
  • Water conservation products and services
  • Turn key water and wastewater revenue generation
  • Plant and line control services
  • Asset management analysis and inspection
  • Educating, Learning, Improving

"Hi Michelle - A couple guys approached me after the meeting yesterday to tell me what a great job you did on the Kupferle and Flowpoint presentations and asked if we could get you back sometime. Great job! - Thanks, Dale"

- South West Wisconsin Water Operator's Association

About the Land of Lincoln Ladies Tapping Team

Michelle Hoepner is extremely proud to be a team member of the first ever Illinois Section AWWA Women's Tapping Team. We are aptly named the Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers. We formed our group early in 2012 and with only 5 practices under our belt, competed at the Illinois Section Watercon 2012 Conference in Springfield, IL. Finishing strong with a final (best) time of 6:05 and NO PENALTIES, we were qualified to compete in the national competition at AWWA's ACE Conference & Expo, happening in June of 2012. Since our humble start, we have shaved close to half of our time to a very encouraging current best time of 3:42. The Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers includes Andrea R.H. Putz, City of Chicago (cranker); Candace Scholz, Strand Associates (copperman); Michelle Hoepner, Midwest Water Group (setter); and Lisa Martini, Lee Jensen Sales (coach). We are very excited and priviledged to represent the section in June. Come cheer us on Tuesday, June 12th at 2:00pm!

Land of Lincoln Ladies Tappers


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