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airstar lighting options

Halogen Safety Balloon Lighting

Quick and immediate light. Lights ranging from 2400 sq/ft to 32,000 sq/ft of lighted area. Tilting head device is perfect for trench focus and shadow free fabric greatly reduces or elimates shadows in the trench due to lighting.

  • Wind resistant balloon up to 65mph! Unaffected by rain, snow or ice like conditions.
  • Two 1000w Halogen bulbs insure no black outs; exclusive safety pressure switch design prevents hazards
  • 18' telescoping stand ideal for illuminating worksite
  • Instant on - no waiting for lamps to warm up!

Download Product Flyer on 750w Halogen Sirocco S here

Download Product Flyer on 2000w Halogen Sirocco 2k here

Download Product Flyer on 4000w Halogen Sirocco here

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Just a little follow up on Warrenville’s Airstar, we have had it out on two digs, it is all you said and more. Great light
Larry (Warrenville, IL)

Hi Michelle, Just thought I would send you a few pictures of the Airstar Light being used.  We had a water main break last night on Route 60 and I can’t say enough of how easy it was to set-up and how bright of an area it light up.  Best night-time work zone light we have ever had.Thanks,  Rob (Mundelein, IL)


Metal Halide Safety Balloon Lighting

Powerful light with minimal energy requirements. Airstar Metal Halide lighting balloons deliver superior 100% CRI light ideal for crime scene reconstruction, safety check points, emergency management, special events and more.

  • Internal and external ballasts ensure continuous light
  • Wind resistant to 65mph or more and able to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • 18' telescoping stands provide large coverage area.
  • Minimal power requirements mean these lights are able to run off of most car inverters. Ask us for more information!

Download Product Flyer for Airstar Sirocco 2 600w Metal Halide here

Download Product Flyer for Airstar Sirocco 2 1000w Metal Halide here

Download Product Flyer for Airstar Sirocco 2 1000w Metal Halide here

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Light Towers from Airstar

Now you can get 360° light from your light tower! We can retrofit your existing light tower or supply you with a complete, turn key solution, delivering up to 7 acres of usable light. Four 1000w Metal Halide lights allow you the flexibility to individually turn on or off the lamps, providing just the right amount of coverage.

  • Emergency response lighting solution
  • Unaffected by all weather conditions, this light is supported internally by a carbon steel support structure built to last.
  • Ideal for special events, Stop Renting! This light tower will replace 4 traditional uni-directional light towers
  • Ask us about our light tower rentals or to see a demonstration of this at your location.

Download Product Flyer for Airstar Flex 4000w HMI Light Tower here

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