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infi shield catch basin


Infi-Shield® Rubber External Chimney Sealing

The Infi-Shield® Uni-band is an inexpensive and permanent method of externally sealing the grade adjustment ring area of a manhole or storm structure. The one piece molded seal has a reinforced pre-formed "L" shaped corner (extension type does not have a pre-formed corner).

  • Accommodating ground movement, the Infi-Shield Uni-band is made of high quality rubber and non-hardening butyl mastic to provide a flexible water tight seal around the structure.
  • Works on top slab installations
  • Multiple diameter and depths available including custom seals
  • Only Infi-Shield offers an inspection tab attached at the top of the seal for easy inspection!

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Download Product Flyer for Manholes
Download Product Flyer for Storm Structures
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Gator Wrap Rubber Joint Wrap Sealing

Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap prevents infiltration by providing a water tight seal around any manhole, catch basin or concrete pipe joint.

  • Resists harsh soil conditions
  • Provides a root barrier for any crack or joint
  • Easy to install with no special tools or equipment and can be immediately backfilled
  • Available in different widths (6", 9", 12") and assorted lengths

Downloads & Product Information

Download Product Flyer for Gator Wrap
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