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About Midwest Water Group

Midwest Water Group, Inc. is a professional manufacturer's representative firmed deeply planted in the belief of providing turn key, out of the box solutions to our clients in the water and wastewater industry. We constantly evolve with new technologies to bring the most up-to-date and relevant solutions to common issues such as water quality, water conservation, asset management and revenue generation. We offer a competent and experienced service company to install, start up, repair and service all of our products and solutions and offer their expertise for project planning and development.

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Educational Sessions

We welcome the opportunity to speak in front of your engineering team to discuss our products and services and help with proper application and selection of products. Please contact us to schedule a session at your location.

  • Lunch and learns
  • Hands on equipment training
  • Applications training
  • Conference and Association Meeting Presentations


Educational Session Topics

Water Related Content

  • Online analytical equipment for water treatment plants - chlorine, chloramines, pH, turbidity, phosphate, etc.
  • Bulk water dispensing and septage receiving stations. Using these stations to monitor and improve water quality
  • Line Control Services - large and small diameter line tapping, line stopping, freezing, valve insertions for all pipe types (including PVC and poly)
  • Automatic flushing stations and sampling stations. Also touch on post versus yard hydrants. When to use which type and different shoe and nozzle configurations available
  • Water Quality in the DIstribution System - disinfectant methods, flushing (uni-directional and automatic continuous), tank maintenance

Wastewater/Collection Systems Related Content

  • Manhole rehab products - how to make the top 36" of a structure water tight
  • NASSCO MaCP and manhole inspections - new methods and technologies.
  • Manhole lining concepts - different methods for various applications
  • Septage receiving stations
  • Does your submarine have a screen door? Using Lifespan to reduce road work and inflow into a manhole