Products from SSI Sealing Systems to control excess clear water and reduce your treatment costs

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Aqua Seal® Fast Reacting Chemical Grout

Aqua Seal® is an extremely reactive two component hydrophobic polyurethane water stop system that can be injected into flowing water. Aqua Seal® is exceptionally fast reacting (3-5 seconds), quick sealing and ultra strong grout that is pumped under pressure.

  • Designed to plug high infiltration sources in precast or brick structures
  • Stop leaks in excess of 50 GPM
  • Only a heavy duty dual component caulking gun is required, making Aqua Seal® an easy to use product for your municipal crew
  • Pheumatic gun also available to provide a faster and more efficient installation

Downloads & Product Information

Download Aqua Seal Brochure
Download Aqua Seal Installation Instructions
Download Aqua Seal Specifications
Download MSDS for Aqua Seal

Chimney Patch & Repair (CPR)

CPR is a fast setting, high early strength, acid resistant, hand mixed and hand applied product for filling voids and repairing concrete, brick or other masonry constructed manholes or catch basins.

  • Use to profile structure before applying an internal seal such as our Flex-Seal or Uni-Band products
  • Fiber reinfoced and quick setting
  • 200psi compressive strength after 15 minutes; 4500psi strength after 28 days!

Downloads & Product Information

Download CPR Brochure