Products from SSI Sealing Systems to control excess clear water and reduce your treatment costs

Flex Seal


Flex-Seal Utility Sealant®

An inexpensive and permanent method of sealing the grade adjustment ring area and joint sections in a manhole or catch basin from the inside of the structure. This state-of-the-art urethane material is packaged in a kit that is easily installed in house or by one of our certified installers.

  • Protect from damaging hydrogen sulfide & salt deterioration
  • Offset adjustment areas or protruding or missing bricks? No problem for Flex-Seal!
  • 800% elongation for protection in even the harshest freeze/thaw conditions
  • Easily patched if you ever do road work in that area.
  • Apply this product in an hour or less per structure

Downloads & Product Information

Download Flex-Seal® Product Flyer for Manholes
Download Flex-Seal® Product Flyer for Storm Structures
Flex-Seal® Installation Procedure


Internal Uni-Band®

New from Sealing Systems, Inc. Finally, an internal chimney seal that can be easily applied without any special tools or expanders. The Uni-Band is an inexpensive and permanent method of internally sealing the grade adjustment ring area of a manhole to prevent infiltration.

  • Foam backing on the seal to ensure a water tight seal over the rough or irregular surface of the structure
  • Stainless steel bands at the top and bottom with turnbuckles, allowing for precise adjustment to create a secure fit.
  • To accomodate ground movement, the Uni-Band is made of high quality Polyisoprene Rubber and offers 637% elongation.
  • Pull your old internal chimney seals out of the bottom of the manhole for the last time - specify Sealing System's Uni-Band®

Downloads & Product Information

Download Internal Uni-Band Product Flyer for Manholes
Download Installation Instructions for the Uni-Band