Odor and Inflow Control Products

Wager 3000 Series

The Series 3000 Manhole Scrubber effectively removes offensive odors emanating from street-level sewer manholes.

  • Body is constructed out of light weight stainless steel
  • Hinged door for easy access to media canister
  • Recyclable canister for easy replacement
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Wager Media

Wager Media is a highly effective media for removing hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) found in wastewater treatment applications. Porous pellets containing powdered activated carbon, alumina and other binders, impregnated with chemicals to enhance the capactiy for removal of H2S. The gases are trapped within the pellets, where a chemical reaction changes the gases into a harmless compound, eliminating the possibility of desorption.

  • Pellets are non-toxic and landfill disposable
  • Pellets are blue in color, and turn white when the media is spent. Complimentary lab analysis is also offered to determine the remaining life of the media
  • Bulk Media available in 900# bags
  • Temperature -4°F to 125°F; Humidity: 10%-95% relative humidity
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