Products from SSI Sealing Systems to control excess clear water and reduce your treatment costs

         HDPE Manhole Insert

Stainless Steel Manhole Insert

   Stainless Steel Manhole Insert

Manhole Inserts (Inflow Dishes)

Manhole cover inserts stop the unwanted inflow of rainwater through the manhole cover. Custom sized to provide an enhanced fit, the inserts can be manufactured in stainless steel or durable HDPE.

  • Protect against one of the major contributors of excess treatment costs
  • Easily and inexpensively installed "in house"
  • Available in stainless steel or HDPE
  • Optional gasketed dish and air valve

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         HDPE Valve Box Insert


Valve Box Inserts

Prevent sand, dirt, road salt and other foreign materials from entering your valve box with the Valve Box Insert. Made of HDPE with a minimum thickness of 60 mils and a polypropylene strap positioned in the center for easy removal and to prevent spillage when removing.

  • Designed for a standard 5 1/4" valve box
  • Minimum 60 mils thickness
  • Polypropylene strap positioned in the center to prevent spillage

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Rubber Riser Rings

The economical, ecological, long lasting solution to adjusting the grade on a manhole structure

  • Flexible material, made from recycled tires that do not crack, eliminates vibrations, cracks and shocks to the structure below
  • Available in round, square or rectangular configurations; flat or tapered to solve slope or road inclination paving problems
  • Available in thicknesses of 1/2" to 3" in increments of 1/2" to allow for perfect adjustment
  • 3 year warranty

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         Debris Dam Placed in Manhole

Debris Dam in Action

 Contractor Uses the Debris Dam in the field

Debris Dam® Debris Catcher

The patent pending Debris Dam is designed to eliminate the introduction of debris into the collection system during manhole rehabilitation projects. Materials, lost tools and equipment introduced during rehab projects is harmful to a collection system. The Debris Dam is an essential tools for muncipalities and rehabilitation contractors!

  • Prevent confined space entry for tools and equipment lost in bottom of structure
  • The Debris Dam is manufactured using strong, high visibility fabrics and heavy duty materials for a sturdy construction
  • The Debris Dam mast has an overall length of 6' and folds to 40" for easy transportation. Lightweight and durable for professional infrastructure contractors and municipal workers

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Foreign Material Catcher

The Foreign Material Catcher (FMC) is the safest, most cost efficient tool designed to be used by one person when working on manholes. The patented, lightweight and sturdy design allows you to work on a manhole and not have dirt, asphalt and cement get in the manhole invert.

  • Eliminate the need to enter a manhole for cleaning and the requirement of confined space entry
  • Immediately improve job site efficiency and increase worker safety & employee morale with this simple tool
  • Supports up to 200lbs of debris and keeps the bottom of the structure protected from debris accumulation

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