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We are very proud to represent the following manufacturers exclusively. We are also able to package solutions together with our partner firms and manufacturers to supply you with a turn key product and service solution. Please use the categories to the left to choose the product for you or click on a manufacturer below to link directly their products within our site.

airstar Safety LIghting Equipment by Airstar
flowpoint environmental systems

Packaged, turn key, bulk water dispensing stations and sewage receiving stations. Automated billing through credit card, coin, rfid or pin pad offer self sufficient dispensing solutions for your community.


The World's First Rubber Manhole System!


Kupferle Foundry Company

Automated Flushing Units, Post Hydrants, Blow-Off Stations, Sampling Stations by Kupferle Foundry Co.

Pronal Pipe Plugs

Pipe Plugs, Manhole Test Plugs, Lifting Bags, Shoring Equipment, Emergency Mobile Shelters
rms utility services

Line Control Services including tapping, stopping, no shut-down valve insertion, control valve repair and asset inspections

swan analytical

Water and Wastewater analytical equipment including chlorine, turbidity, pH, phosphate and more

SSI logo

Wastewater manhole Inflow & Infiltration control products and services. Manage your excess treatment costs today!

Wager Company Odor and Inflow Prevention valves for lift stations, air valves and more.

Complimentary Products

We proudly supply the necessary appurtenances to complete your project. Our service department can also
install or maintain your equipment to keep your facilities running in tip top shape. Learn more about our services here

Air Release Valves Butterfly ValvesFlapper Check Valves

Plant and Distribution / Collection System Valves

Air Valves | Check Valves | Plug Valves | Butterfly Valves

Pressure Reducing ValvesFloat Control Valve

Control Valves

Pressure Reducing / Pressure Sustaining | Altitude Valves | Float Control Valves | Pressure Relief | Pump Control | Surge Arrestor Valves

Gate Valves

Isolation Valves (Flanged and Mechanical Joint)

Large Diameter Gate Valves


Mechanical Seals