Packaged Water Dispensing, Septage Receiving and Water Quality Monitoring Stations from Flowpoint Systems

Flow+ Access Terminals

Grant secure access to your distribution system, alleviate administrative headaches and generate revenue with a Flow+ Access Terminal Panel from Flowpoint Systems.

  • Using your existing infrastructure, create a POS for your customers
  • Attract new customers with ease of use from our panels
  • Accept multiple forms of tender including pre-paid accounts, billed accounts, credit card or cash
  • Adapts easily to your existing system and is economical
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Water General

Water General

Moving to a new, fully automated bulk water dispensing station is easy. The Water General is our most cost-effective, turnkey system. Includes Flow+ Access Terminal and Software so remote control and communication with station is a breeze.

  • Low profile unit designed for bottom/curbside loading
  • Available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 inch piping allowing for flow rates up to 650gpm
  • Stations can be heated and/or cooled and are suitable for all climates
  • Stations are built to your specifications and arrived fully assembled and tested. Installation is easy, only requiring site prep and electrical, water and sewer hookup
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Water Sentry

Water Sentry stations have all the same features as our Water General stations with a few enhancements.

  • Allow for dual, simultaneous loading where quick access is required
  • Available in both bottom and/or top loading configurations
  • Stations are large enough to double as a comfortable maintenance staff office
  • Recommended for larger dispensing sites
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